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Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

Hey Bloggies,

Alright, it’s been, what, months, weeks? Since my last post? Yeah, sounds about right. Too much to say, not enough time to say it. I always feel that I should be doing my duty as a composer by keeping a daily journal so that musicologists can pore over them and jump to all the wrong conclusions, but who has the time? I tried once; too much other stuff to do. I’ll get better about it…

Stuff I’ll write about later: New piece for Joe Alessi – organ & Tbn., new stuff for Hal Leonard, SOA is kicking into gear at TUSAB – which means I get to kind of play “Film Composer” for a few months anyway, the new Flute Sonata (will probably be the title) still in progress.

The only ‘blog news I have to report, at the time being, is that I’ve disabled comments on this ‘blog. I’ve been on the “internets” for several months, and only 1 actual comment! LOTS of spam. So, if you want to send me fanmail, or whatever, send it to my “info@…” etc. address.

I’m also going to update my sound files, eventually, and put up some photos. I’ve got literally too much stuff to put up there. Plus I don’t like the look of the flash player I chose, so that might change. Soon as I get a minute…

So, onto other news. The trumpet feature I wrote for the Army trumpets, “Fanfare & Cappriccio”, or “I’ve Just Given Up On Creative Titles”, seems to have been generally well accepted. I didn’t hear any bad comments, not that I’m expecting any. It’s always weird with musicians; if you really bomb, you’ll get mostly uncomfortable non-confrontational silences. No one wants to waste the time giving you constructive criticism. That’s practically like giving a free lesson!

The only things I’d really change is the length of the 2nd part; maybe I will. It just seems too short, somehow. That’s been my big problem since day 1: DEVELOPMENT. I can crank out short chunks of music all day long, no problem; developing takes all the effort. I don’t know how other composers do their thing, but that’s my cross to bear.

Anyway, the Army Ceremonial Band + trumpets is playing it this week, part of the Washington-Lee Summer Concert Series. If you’re in DC/Arlington, check it out. It’s most likely free (check first). Thurs 7:30pm at Washington-Lee High School in Arlington, VA.