Here's an example of my personal engraving, which I use in all of my charts and copy-work:

I use a variety of 3rd party fonts in my copy-work and engraving. Specifically, a combination of the BIll Duncan Font set, Maestro, and Jazz Font, depending on the job. I am also working on creating a custom hand-written font.

Published/Printed Music

My published/printed music is available from a number of sources, depending on what you're looking for:

My string music, both the Pop Specials (movie & broadway medleys, popular tunes, etc.) as well as the easy string compositions (some of which I am currently in the process of writing) are available through Hal Leonard.

My published trombone music is available through Kagarice Brass Editions.

All else is available from my home publishing house, JK Music Publications.

E-mail me for other inquiries:





E-mail me about pricing


I am also a freelance copyist. For those, or other odd jobs, please consult the NYC(802) union rate schedule, and/or quote me a price.

* Purchasing from JK Music:

The easiest way to buy music directly from me is by credit card via Paypal. I also happily accept checks. If neither of those methods suit your particular needs, contact me and I will do my very best to accomodate you.

Clicking on the "Buy Now" button will redirect you to Paypal to process a credit card transaction. Be advised that there is a 3% transaction processing fee with each purchase.

IMPORTANT: include an e-mail address in the comment section of the transaction. This is where the file(s) will be sent.

As soon as I have received confirmation that the payment has been received, you will be e-mailed an encrypted pdf file of the music. If you ever misplace the file, you may always contact me for a replacement at no charge.